At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, we look for opportunities to take our students into the world for immersive journalism. Less than three weeks after the 2016 presidential election, we gathered a group of diverse, talented journalists to explore one big question: how Donald Trump won the rural vote and why city voter turnout was low. Both of these factors contributed to Trump defeating Hillary Clinton in the heartland. Combining three UWM classes: Television News Reporting, Integrated Reporting and News Writing and Technology, students tackled this project with passion and dedication.

We traveled to three states, focusing on the counties that flipped from Barack Obama to Donald Trump by some of the highest percentages in the country. The students created dozens of stories in three mediums: television, print/online and radio, as well as photo galleries of their subjects, a documentary, and their own reflections from the experience. Individually, each story is a fascinating glimpse into one or more voters. Combined, the work weaves a tapestry of the election across Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota. We think it greatly contributes to the conversation of what happened in November, 2016 and offers insights for both Democrats and Republicans in future elections.

Student Journalists

Jaimie Anderson

Brandon Anderegg

Gabrielle Barriere

Aubryana Bowen

Jenna Daroszewski

Dino Dominici

Nicole Frechette

Jenna Gaidosh

Jordan Garcia

Madison Goldbeck

Ean Holtz

Keio Horton

Chardanay Hunt

Sabrina Johnkins

Christina Luick

Matthew Mussa

Ana Martinez-Ortiz

Morgan Paradis

Allison Steines

Stevan Stojanovic

Nyesha Stone

Katarina Vergara

Kaliice Walker

Keaton Walkowski

Amanda Watter

David Watters


Jessie Garcia-Marble

Jessica McBride

Digital Media Specialist

Jeffrey John Loomis